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Knitted jumper - h&m | Leather shorts - h&m | Knee high socks - h&m

Helluu peepsicles! Back again after a  long break. Last 2 weeks I've literally been living on our sofa, with my computer and 15 books. I've been writing my school project and yesterday I handed it in. What a relief I tell yah! o.o Celebrated it with my classmates yesterday. We held a christmas dinner party type of thang and had loads of fun. Today my family is coming over so we can spend some time together before christmas. Actually I wore this exact outfit yesterday as well, only then I was wearing some more makeup but today I just kept it simple. I couldn't really be arsed to do too much, especially on my eyes. I'm a teeny tiny bit hungover and INSANELY tired... dang. But it going to be fun. I bought this jumper not too long ago in h&m and found it on sale. I don't normally buy or wear jumpers thaaat much but this one really caught my eye! I love how simple and comfy it looks from the front but then on the back it's quite dressy with the open cut-out kind of detail. And I especially love speckled knit like this. Kept the jewellery rather simple as well, probably going to throw on a couple of rings as well. Did my nails yesterday too! Just a berry colour with some gold on top. Matched my makeup quite well actually. I thought I'd be a bit christmassy for a change. :3 Anyways guys. Have a merry merry christmass! I'll most likely post some pictures of my christmas outfit as well, but be prepared for some horrrrrrible ligthing then. <.< It's getting so dark here seriously.... Take care x


  1. I'm in love with that sweater! The back is so pretty! :) Is your 2 weeks of winter break just finished?? D: Our winter break officially started today! :D 15 books!? I seriously need to start reading :) glad you enjoyed your time with classmates, friends and family! xx

    Chic Nikkie
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    1. Nonono! Winter break juuust started for me too! x
      Didnt read all 15 books tho. Just started on The Hobbit! Very excited ^.^

    2. Nonono! Winter break juuust started for me too! x
      Didnt read all 15 books tho. Just started on The Hobbit! Very excited ^.^

  2. I love the look of shorts with tights/socks for the colder months, love this outfit !

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World

  3. Love the back detail of that jumper!

  4. Cute look, love the pendant ! :) <3

    (would you like us to follow each other ? Just let me know, I follow you back right away :) <3 )

  5. Love this look, so rad! I'm looking for tights like that for forever! XO


  6. Love the detail on the back of that sweater. It's amazing.

    Sex w. Candy

  7. The sweater looks so snug x


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