Christmas eve.

Dress - h&m | Wedges - gina tricot | Rings - gina tricot, h&m, aldo

Just a few shots of the outfit I wore yesterday on christmas eve. I bought this dress in h&m knowing that I'd then wear it for christmas because.. well.. it screams holidays right?! I love the two textures together: velvet and mesh. Very festive if you ask me! Gold jewellery felt very appropriate for the day too. I spend the day with my family, had a wonderful dinner and opened presents! Cause yes - in Denmark we open the presents on christmas eve and not next morning! I hope you all had a merry christmas. I'll cya soon x


  1. Such an elegant look, love it! Your accessories are awesome!
    Merry Christmas! XOXO


  2. Gorgeous outfit ! Love your hair !! Hope you had a merry christmas

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World

  3. Now, that is a divine dress and its structure suits you well! The midnight blue really is a great touch. x


  4. The dress is incredible, I love it !
    Great jewerly too :) <3
    You're beautiful.

    (come and take a look to my blog ! I follow back :) <3 )

  5. Loving the velvet and mesh together too! I really need to get myself either one piece of both of them or one piece with them combined! Looking festive and pretty:)xx

    Chic Nikkie | Facebook

  6. (A late) Merry Christmas from me, you look wonderful! I've enjoyed my latest random scrolling and spamming of your blog. It still is my favourite blog, your style is incredible and you make me feel more confident in wearing whatever I want. Until the next time ;) xxx


    1. When I saw all your comments I was like "Holy #!@? !!" But literally I couldn't stop smiling at every single one of them! I truly appreciate everything you comment sweetheart. It's such a nice feeling, knowing that I can be an inspiration to someone out there. Really appreciate it, thank you so much!
      Muuuch love to you!



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